We make emotion measurement easy.

Enterprises Can’t Manage What They
Don’t Measure

We know as people, emotion plays a part in every decision. When it comes to enterprises, they can’t manage what they don’t measure. We provide enterprises with the “emotional intelligence” needed to know exactly how their community is feelings about their enterprise, their messaging and their products in real time, so they can make more intelligent daily decisions.

Become A Publisher

We empower the enterprise with their own video streaming platform that can stream continuous live and video on demand content.

Community Engagement

Users can engage and interact with the platform in active ways like emojis and chat, as well as passive interactions like watching and learning.

Emotional Intelligence

Through these user interactions our technology can extract the sentiment of the community and report that back to the enterprise so they can make better daily decisions.

Notable Features

We combine communication, engagement and data features for the real world.


Control the video experience so it looks and feels like your enterprise. We empower you to innovate.


Deliver the real time community interactions expected. Users can interact with the content through emojis, chat, sharing and more.


Stream and manage all video experiences easily. Including live broadcasts, live presentations, live conferencing and video on demand.


Discover how your community feels about your enterprise, your messaging and your products in real time.


We encourage you keep your infrastructure and applications that are working for you. We want to integrate into the platforms that are working for you.


Provide your community a way to engage from anywhere on any device. We support all devices.


Monitor how your people feel. Know when sentiment changes when it happens so you can act instantly.


Let us suggest to you the actions you should take based on the sentiment trends in your community. Respond in ways and at speeds unexpected.

Sentiment Analysis Is The Future

Computers can do more today.

Sentiment Analysis is the ability for a software to discover the sentiment out of any digital content file. So instead of reporting traditional user metrics, it is the ability to understand people and deliver that discovery to your enterprise.

This is vital for one simple reason. We are people not things. People have thoughts and emotions that change every second. Tracking people as if they are things is what has been done to date.

We have built a platform that can live and breath with your audience so you can engage with your community in a personal way.

Do Not Just Communicate, Engage

There is a big difference.

Communication is a form connecting for a moment. Engagement is a form of connecting continuously. The big idea is to turn moments to movements.

We have built MyChannel to redesign how enterprises can build their culture. We believe we are in a collaborative period. One of which that includes a high importance of inclusiveness.

No matter the size of your enterprise you are only as good as your people. You worked very hard to build your community. Maximize your power by engaging with your community constantly so they know their thoughts and feelings matter.

Engagement Is Now Personalized

No more bull horn approaches.

People expect custom everything these days. They don’t want to know what you have for everyone but rather what do you have for them. This applies to engagement as well.

It starts with appreciating the future of video. Video is projected to become the internet. The next best thing to meeting a person is seeing them through video.

With video as the vehicle, we can provide insights that are not possible with other methods. These insights allows us to extract the emotional intelligence of your community, which empowers you to know the purpose of their actions.

If you know the purpose you can engage with your community at a dramatically more intimate way.

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